iLite® - Utility & Benefits

iLite technology is based upon a reporter gene assay format, modified and adapted for applications during the whole drug development cycle as well as for monitoring of biological drugs. 

iLite cell lines can be developed for any biopharmaceutical target and assays for drug potency, i.e. drug activity, and neutralizing antibodies (NAbs) can easily be set-up using the same cell line.

The iLite technology eliminates many of the limitations of conventional cell-based assays:

  • The cells are delivered as assay ready frozen cells allowing cell-based assays to be carried out without the need for cell culture or the maintenance of cells continuously in the laboratory.
  • This allows for significant cost reductions and increases the applicability of cell-based assays to routine use as potency or neutralization assays.

The cell lines are engineered by use of target specific reporter gene constructs. Together with cells engineered not to respond to other factors that signal through the specific pathway, a specific and precise assay can be engineered. The read-out is light emission as measured by a standard luminometer.

Assay precision

  • Assay precision is optimized by engineering cells to express Firefly luciferase under the control of a drug responsive promoter and Renilla luciferase under the control of a constitutive promoter.
  • This allows both luciferases to be assayed sequentially in the same well of an assay plate, and drug-induced luciferase activity to be normalized relative to Renilla expression.
  • Serum matrix effects are thereby eliminated and assay results independent of cell number.

Pathway specificity

  • Assay sensitivity is enhanced by up-regulating drug-target expression.
  • Assay selectivity is increased by the use of novel synthetic chimeric transcription factors. 


Biomonitor was founded in Copenhagen in 2003 by Dr. Arsalan Kharazmi and Prof. Klaus Bendtzen and the unique iLite cell-basedreporter gene technology was developed by Dr. Michael Tovey. We merged with Biomonitor in 2014 strengthening our position as front edge provider of new and unique tests.

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