iLite® anti-CD20 ADCC Activity Assay

The launch of iLite Assay Ready Cells for use in anti-CD20 antibody development and manufacturing brings the first four products from Euro Diagnostica's ADCC product line to market and showcases the unique set-up of the iLite technology:

The first, iLite® ADCC Effector (V) Assay Ready Cells, are human cells which express high levels of FcyRIIIa (CD16) and a Firefly Luciferase (FL) reporter gene. The cells, engineered to have a high tolerance for serum, also include a second reporter gene which allows for normalization of cell counts, serum matrix effects or lysis of the effector cells by the target cells.

The second product, iLite® ADCC Target CD20 (+) Assay Ready Cells, are human cells engineered to overexpress CD20 and are optimized to give high sensitivity and specificity when used together with iLite® ADCC Effector (V) Assay Ready Cells.

Since unspecific activation of ADCC can be a confounding factor when performing ADCC assays, the iLite® ADCC Target CD20 (-) Assay Ready Cells, which are depleted of CD20 expression, are also provided to be used as a control.

All three products are combined in the iLite® anti-CD20 ADCC Activity Set. This set of cells enables measurements of an anti-CD20 drug’s ability to induce antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC) in a straightforward, sensitive and reproducible manner.