Wieslab® Celiac hs Screen - Next generation high sensitive celiac disease diagnostics

January 14, 2013 - Company News, Product News
Wieslab® Celiac hs Screen assay is based on a unique synthetic deamidated gliadin peptide containing a well-defined T-cell stimulatory toxic epitope, which is known to be involved in celiac disease.

The assay is a result of an international collaboration aimed to study fundamental molecular mechanisms behind celiac disease and is developed in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Frits Koning, Leiden University Medical Center.

An in-house study of 80 frozen retrospective sera (40 samples were from celiac disease diagnosed patients and 40 samples from apparently healthy blood donors) showed higher sensitivity than anti-tTg, anti-gliadins and other anti-deamidated gliadins -at the same high specificity.

Principle of the assay

Wieslab® Celiac hs Screen is an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the semi-quantitative detection of IgG antibodies in human serum to celiac disease specific peptide antigen. The assay is used to detect antibodies in a single serum specimen. The results of the assay are to be used as an aid to the diagnosis of celiac disease.

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