EULISA – A product line for autoimmune testing

February 28, 2013 - Company News, Product News, Disease Area News
We are happy to announce that Euro Diagnostica now extends the product portfolio with the new brand EULISA; a number of ELISA kits (27 altogether) for fast and reliable diagnosis of autoimmune diseases.

All products in the EULISA product line have previously been available, and highly appreciated, in Germany and Switzerland through Vita Diagnostika GmbH. Since 2011 Vita Diagnostika is the German subsidiary of Euro Diagnostica and therefore it is a natural step to include these products in the Euro Diagnostica portfolio.

By incorporating the EULISA product line in our portfolio we further strengthen Euro Diagnostica´s position within diagnostics of autoimmune diseases.

EULISA - Technical Benefits

The EULISA products have a former extensive history within Vita Diagnostika where they have constituted an autoimmunity product line since 1998. The product line has continuously been updated throughout the years, according to customers' needs:

  • All products are CE marked
  • Identical test procedure for all kits
  • Identical reagents (exception: conjugate)
  • All reagents are colour-coded
  •  HRP detection system (450 nm) is used 
  • 96 micro well plates with break apart strips
  • Short incubation times (30+30+30 min)
  • Option to choose between qualitative and quantitative interpretation for most of the kits
  • Automation on ELISA processors is possible (harmonized for Dynex systems)

First Launch 28th of February, 2013

The products will be launched step-by-step during QI-QII 2013. Information regarding each individual product will be available on our website at the time for launch.

Today, Thursday February 28th, the first five products are launched; product details are available via: 

Second Launch 15th of March, 2013

Third Launch 3rd of April, 2013

Fourth Launch 19th of April, 2013


Fifth Launch 2nd of May, 2013


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