Complement System Webinar, April 23 2013, 14:30 pm CET

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Innate Immunity: Solutions for Functional Complement Assessment

Webinar Overview

Date: April 23, 2013

Time: 14:30 pm CET

Duration: 45 min 


Guest Speaker: Jörgen Wieslander, PhD. Chief Scientific Advisor, Euro Diagnostica

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The complement system plays an essential role in chronic, autoimmune and infectious disease. There are three pathways of complement activation, namely the classical, the alternative and the MBL pathway.

Impaired complement activity can cause susceptibility to repetitive fulminant or severe infections and may contribute to development of autoimmune disease. Inappropriate activation of complement contributes to chronic inflammation and tissue injury.

Our guest speaker, Dr. Jörgen Wieslander, will discuss the functional assessment of all three pathways of the complement system.

Dr. Jörgen Wieslander

PhD in Biochemistry, Lund University

Post. Doc. at Dept. of Medical Biochemistry, Kansas University

Post. Doc. at MRC, Dept. of Nephrology, Lund University

Dr. Wieslander currently serves as the Chief Scientific Advisor for Euro Diagnostica, a full service diagnostic company based in Malmö, Sweden. Prior to his current position, he served as the Chief Scientific Officer for the company. Dr. Wieslander founded and served as the Research Director/President of Wieslab AB prior to its acquisition and has over 170 scientific publications.


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