Euro Diagnostica launches a dedicated website for the Complement System

August 16, 2013 - Company News, Product News, Disease Area News
Euro Diagnostica is launching today a new educational website for the complement system. The website is designed to not only provide general information and knowledge about the complement system, but also details related to the diagnostics, treatment and multiple applications. The website will be presented at the 14th European Meeting on Complement in Human Disease (EMCHD) in Jena, Germany, on August 18th at the scientific lunch symposium sponsored by Euro Diagnostica.

Link to the website

Program for the scientific lunch symposium in Jena, Germany, August 18, 2013

Complement is an essential part of the innate immunity and therefore disturbances of the complement system leads to infections and amplify diseases. The complement function testing also verifies the effect of certain treatments. The website includes different dimensions and focuses on diagnosis and treatment of complement (what is important to be able to diagnose patients).

The complex complement system is described together with illustrations, both as an overview of the complete system, but also in the different pathways (classical, lectin, alternative and terminal) where you are one click away from more information.  

The website also includes a support section where you will be able to view short movies describing how to perform the Wieslab® Complement System Screen test. You will also find complement literature, complement events and have the possibility to send in all your questions to us.

Welcome to Euro Diagnostica Complement System website!


About Euro Diagnostica

Euro Diagnostica - a leader in autoimmunity testing provides complete diagnostic solutions and offers also customized coating services. Wieslab Lab Services, an integral part of Euro Diagnostica, offers testing services for most autoimmune diseases.

During the last two decades, our world class scientists have been the first to develop and produce top quality ELISA kits for ANCA, anti-CCP, Chromogranin and Complement assays, which are now in use all over the world.

Euro Diagnostica combines a long tradition in R&D with a commitment to quality. Euro Diagnostica’s goal is to constantly develop solutions to aid clinicians in diagnosis, prognosis, monitoring and treatment of autoimmune and related diseases.

Euro Diagnostica receives the 2013 European Autoimmune Disease Diagnostics Product Differentiation Award from Frost & Sullivan:

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