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August 16, 2013 - Company News, Product News, Disease Area News
Euro Diagnostica is pleased to announce that our rapid test for anti-CCP2 autoantibodies CCPoint® will be a part of an extensive German healthy prevention project called "RWE Rheuma Truck 2013". The project is planned and organized by the Cooperative Rheumatology Association Rhein-Ruhr (RZRR) in Düsseldorf with the aim to early detect inflammatory rheumatic diseases of German employees of the multi-national energy corporation RWE.

In brief the RZRR and RWE in co-operation have hired a 32 ton show truck (Rheuma Truck) and made it into a rheumatologic outpatient clinic.

The truck is equipped with validated RheumaCheck and BackCheck questionnaires and also Euro Diagnostica´s rapid blood test for anti-CCP2 antibodies, CCPoint®. During August and September 2013 the Rheuma Truck will travel to 30 RWE locations throughout Germany to test approximately 4 000 RWE employees for inflammatory rheumatic diseases.

CCPoint® is a point-of-care test, which provides a reliable answer on the presence of anti-CCP2 autoantibodies from a small drop of blood within 10 minutes. Euro Diagnostica´s different CCP test systems are worldwide recognized as the golden standard for anti-CCP2 autoantibody testing.

For further information about the Rheuma Truck project, please click on this link.

Euro Diagnostica and CCP2-testing

The determination of autoantibodies to cyclic citrullinated proteins/peptides (anti-CCP autoantibodies) are of high importance in the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis and part the ACR/EULAR* classification criteria1. Since it has been shown that anti-CCP autoantibodies often are present in the sera several years prior to the first symptoms anti-CCP tests are excellent early markers for inflammatory rheumatic diseases2.

Together with world class leading scientists Euro Diagnostica was first to develop and produce ELISA tests for anti-CCP autoantibodies. Our anti-CCP2 ELISA kit Immunoscan CCPlus® is now recognized as the golden standard of testing for anti-CCP3. Our CCPoint® test was the first anti-CCP point-of-care test, and reliable test results are provided within 10 minutes. The overall agreement of CCPoint® Immunoscan CCPlus® is 99.6% (N = 1052 samples)4.

Today, the majority of anti-CCP2 tests in the world are supplied by Euro Diagnostica.

Further information regarding our anti-CCP tests and other autoantibody products are available via:

CCPoint (link)

CCPlus Immunoscan (link)

*ACR = American College of Rheumatology, EULAR = The European League against Rheumatism


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During the last two decades, our world class scientists have been the first to develop and produce top quality ELISA kits for ANCA, anti-CCP, Chromogranin and Complement assays, which are now in use all over the world.

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