Euro Diagnostica AB now expands the product line within Celiac disease and IBD

November 1, 2013 - Company News, Product News, Disease Area News
This week Euro Diagnostica AB has entered a distribution agreement with Eurospital S.p.A, a Trieste based company specialized in autoimmune gastroenterology diseases. The agreement will cover Euro Diagnostica AB’s direct markets and will include tests for Celiac disease and differential diagnosis of IBD. The agreement will broaden and complement Euro Diagnostica AB’s portfolio of assays for determination of autoimmune gastro-related diseases.

Euro Diagnostica AB has recently launched a high sensitive assay for autoantibodies against deamidated gliadin as a tool for the diagnosis of Celiac disease, Wieslab® Celiac hs Screen. This test will conveniently complement Eurospital S.p.A’s test for anti-tissue transglutaminase (tTG). Moreover, Euro Diagnostica AB will be able to offer customers PCR based assays for the determination of HLA, relevant for Celiac disease. For the differential diagnosis of IBD, Euro Diagnostica AB will provide the anti-calprotectin test in both ELISA and rapid test format.

The agreement will include the following key products:

·         EU-tTG IgA (anti-tTG IgA ELISA)     

·         EU-tTG IgG (anti-tTG IgG ELISA)        

·         Xeligen RT (real time PCR test for HLA)                

·         EU-Gen Risk (end-point PCR test for HLA)           

·         Calprest (calprotectin ELISA)   

·         Stool collection device                  

·         CalFast (rapid calprotectin test)                          

·         CalFast Reader (rapid test reader) 

For more information and ordering please visit this page.

About Eurospital S.p.A

Eurospital S.p.A is a well-known and well reputed provider of products within autoimmune gastroenterology. The company has a long tradition in this field, acquiring a unique competence which has resulted in several products of outstanding quality and performance. Eurospital S.p.A is the holder of the patent for use of anti-tTG in the diagnosis of Celiac disease. In several independent studies, the performance of assays from Eurospital S.p.A has come out very favorably compared with competitive products.

About Euro Diagnostica AB

Formed in 1992 in Malmö, Sweden, Euro Diagnostica AB is a full service diagnostic solutions company, as well as a developer and manufacturer of high quality assays. Throughout the past twenty years, their world class scientists have been the first to develop and produce top quality ELISA kits for ANCA, anti-CCP, Complement and Chromogranin A assays which are used throughout the world.  Euro Diagnostica AB combines a long tradition in R&D with a commitment to quality.  Their goal is to constantly develop solutions to aid clinicians in diagnosis, prognosis, monitoring and treatment of autoimmune and related diseases.

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