Improved way of quantifying the activity of the classical pathway

November 17, 2014 - Company News, Product News, Disease Area News
Over the last years, interest in the role of complement in different clinical situations has grown substantially. In parallel, much attention has been given to modifying complement activity by pharmacological intervention.

As a consequence of this growing interest, objective and accurate quantification of the activity of the classical pathway is in great demand. To meet this need, Euro Diagnostica has revised the design of the COMPL CP310 kit. A separate calibrator curve is now included in the kit, enabling an improved way of quantifying the activity of the classical pathway.
The amount of complement activation can be expressed either in a qualitative way relative the value of a positive control (as previously) or in a semi-quantitative way using a calibrator curve derived from a separate lyophilized activity control.

For a complete description of the semi-quantitative procedure, please read the updated Instructions for use or product information on our website.

Also remember to visit our dedicated Complement System Website, where you can read more about the complement system, details related to the diagnostics, treatment and multiple applications.

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