The latest issue of the journal Gen highlights iLite™ reporter gene assays

November 5, 2015 - Company News, Product News
An article on the characteristics and utility of Euro Diagnostica´s cell based assays, iLite™, was published in the latest issue of the journal Gen (Nov 1, 2015 (Vol. 35, No. 19)).

The article highlights how the iLite™ reporter gene cell lines can quantify the activity of a range of biopharmaceuticals as well as antibody-dependent cytotoxicity. The iLite™ portfolio includes assays for a number of interleukins, interferons, and TNF-α, and new cell lines are in pipeline. “The main advantage for these assays is that these same cell lines can be used in drug discovery, for quantifying drug potency, and to analyze the functional drug levels and antidrug neutralizing antibodies”, says Dr. Michael Tovey, Managing Director of Biomonitor SAS, Euro Diagnostica’s newly established innovation and development centre in Paris.

Read the full article here.

You find more information about the iLite™ technology and product offerings here.

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