Euro Diagnostica will present research at the 2nd Annual NAb Conference February 11-12, organized by BEBPA.

February 5, 2016 - Company News
The 2nd Annual NAb Conferences taking place in Palm Springs, California, February 11-12. This event provides an opportunity to hear about the latest research and new developments in the biopharmaceutical community.

Euro Diagnostica presence

Dr. Michael Tovey from Biomonitor, Euro Diagnostica will give a speech about Emerging Practices for NAb Assays Immunogenicity Assessment of Next-generation Therapeutic Proteins. Dr. Tovey will present case studies about the development of unique multiple readout reporter gene assays, the challenges for the development of assays that can assess the immunogenicity of each component and how a cell engineering approach has been used to resolve these challenges.

Other experts will be presenting Development of Rare Reagents including¸ Use of Frozen Ready-to-Use Cells, Good Tissue Culture Practices and Bridging Lots of Rare Reagents for Consistency, Understanding How to Set Cut Points and Assessing Dynamic Cut Points, NAb Case Studies.

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