New Scientific Poster on iLite™ Insulin Assay Ready Cell line – Download it now!

June 7, 2016 - Company News, Product News, Disease Area News
Performance data and product characteristics for a new iLite™ Insulin Assay Ready Cell line responsive to insulin was presented in scientific poster at the PEGS Boston 2016 Summit. Make sure you download it now!

Answering to identified market needs in diabetes and obesity research and drug discovery, the new cell line launched by Euro Diagnostica is designed to address the needs of pharmaceutical- and biotechnology companies for the quantification of drug potency, and detection of neutralizing antibodies (NAbs).

Scientific poster presenting performance data and product characteristics for the new iLite™ Insulin Assay Ready Cell line responsive to insulin.

In this scientific poster Dr. Michael G. Tovey reports how assay-ready frozen iLite reporter gene cells eliminate the principal inconveniences of cell-based assays in general and provide the basis for the establishment of rapid, precise and highly specific assays for both the quantification of human insulin and neutralizing anti-insulin antibodies even in the presence of human serum.

It is also shown how the assay-ready frozen cells provide a means of quantifying insulin activity or neutralizing antibodies without the need for cell culture. A vial can simply be thawed and an assay can be carried out immediately.

Click to download the poster "Establishment of a Novel Reporter-Gene Assay for the Quantification of Insulin Activity and Anti-Insulin Neutralizing Antibodies".

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