Announcing the launch of iLite™ VEGF Assay Ready Cells

June 21, 2016 - Company News, Product News
The launch of iLite™ VEGF Assay Ready Cells marks the first iLite™ reporter gene assay for use within the immuno-oncology area. The cells have been genetically engineered to specifically detect VEGF activity, and can be used to measure the potency of VEGF inhibitor drugs, as well as neutralizing antibodies against such drugs in human serum.

The signaling protein Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) is a major contributor to angiogenesis in both health and disease. Since angiogenesis is required for tumour growth and metastasis, drugs targeting VEGF have been increasingly employed in a vast number of cancer therapies. In addition, anti-VEGF therapies have been successfully used for treating ophthalmologic indications and rheumatoid arthritis.

Since the functional activity of VEGF can be measured with the iLite™ VEGF Assay Ready Cells, these can be used for direct comparison of biosimilars and innovator drugs. The iLite™ VEGF Assay Ready Cells is the second in a long line of products for biosimilar comparisons coming this year, adding to the existing iLite™ TNF-α Assay Ready Cells. 

For more information, please see the iLite™ product page, and keep an eye out for the next  iLite™ launch within inflammation - iLite™ IL-23 Assay Ready Cells!

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