Discover new iLite™ IL-23 Assay Ready Cells

June 27, 2016 - Company News, Product News
We are happy to introduce the iLite™ IL-23 Assay Ready Cells offering significant benefits as compared to conventional IL-23 assays. Using the iLite™ IL-23 Assay Ready Cells, a rapid assay for the functional activity of IL-23, without cross-reactivity with IL-12, can easily be set-up. Results are obtained within 6 h.

Euro Diagnostica is now strengthening the iLite™ portfolio within inflammation by adding iLite™ IL-23 Assay Ready Cells to the portfolio. This highly specific reporter gene cell line can be used for quantifying IL-23 activity, IL-23 inhibitor activity, e.g. Ustekinumab, and the activity of neutralizing antibodies against the latter.

IL-23 is a pro-inflammatory cytokine that shares traits with IL-12. Both cytokines contain the p40 subunit which binds to the receptor chain IL-12Rβ1. However, the two cytokines exert distinct non-redundant biological functions. IL-23 has been implicated as an inflammation mediator in several autoimmune diseases, and therapeutic agents targeting both IL-23 and IL-12 cytokines are currently used to treat psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. In addition, related agents are in clinical testing for a variety of inflammatory disorders.

As all iLite™ cell lines the IL-23 Assay Ready Cells are delivered frozen and used directly from the freezer without any need for cultivation allowing for a rapid, easy and simple test format. The assay deliver quantitative results within 6 hours.

For more information, please see the iLite™ product page.

We are continuously releasing new iLite™cell lines - make sure to stay tuned for the coming launch of the highly related product iLite™ IL-12 Assay Ready Cells.

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