Silver Sponsors of the 26th International Complement Workshop!

August 24, 2016 - Company News
This year Euro Diagnostica is proud silver sponsor of the 26th International Complement Workshop (XXVI ICW) that will be held in the city of Kanazawa, Japan in 4-8 September 2016. This high quality scientific meeting serves as a discussion platform aiming to lead complement scientists to new and insightful research.

The complement system is an important part of the innate immune system consisting of three different activation pathways referred to as the classical, alternative and lectin/MBL pathway. Complement plays a major role in the fight against infections, but also in the development of autoimmune and other diseases.

The complement system is a matter of extensive research and topic of innovative and exciting new treatment regimens. For more information please visit our dedicated Complement website.

Functional assessment of complement activity is a key feature in most immunological investigations. The Euro Diagnostica complement function assay solution is an ELISA based platform under the Wieslab® brand. The assays enable determination of the specific activity of all three pathways separately without interference from the others. Our assay solution provides a complete picture of complement function.

Take the opportunity to discuss Complement System with us in depth and come meet us at the 26th International Complement Workshop in Kanazawa, Japan, September 4 – 8. 

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