Overcoming the limitations of conventional cell-based assays - iLite® reporter gene cell lines

March 20, 2018 - Company News, Product News
Do you struggle with cell-based assays? Don´t miss the webinar on high performance cell-based assays for potency and immunogenicity applications using iLite® reporter gene technology on April 4th 2018.

Regulatory agencies recommend the use of cell-based assays for studies like potency and determination of neutralizing antibodies as they are considered to better reflect in vivo situations compared to ligand-binding assays. However, cell-based assays are often considered to be cumbersome to perform and demonstrate low reproducibility.

iLite® reporter gene cell lines have been designed to overcome limitations of conventional cell-based assays. The assay ready cell lines have been uniquely constructed to improve specificity and precision and includes a dual reporter gene system that allows for normalization of the read-outs.

Join the webinar hosted by Gyros Protein Technologies to learn how iLite cell lines improves the performance of cell-based assays in applications such as potency determinations and assessment of neutralizing antibodies in the development of new biopharmaceutical medicines and biosimilars.

Therese Segerstein, Product Manager at Euro Diagnostica, will answer your questions live during the broadcast! 

Time: 10:00 AM Central European Summer Time  
           (4:00 AM EST, 1:00 AM PST)

           6:00 PM Central European Summer Time
           (12:00 PM EST, 9:00 AM PST)  


Gyros Protein Technologies is the distributor of iLite products in Europe and North America. 

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