ds DNA IgG EULISA - Discontinued

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The EULISA double stranded (ds) DNA IgG is a fast and reliable ELISA kit for determination of antibodies against ds DNA. Antibodies to ds DNA are characteristic for systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), an autoimmune rheumatoid disease that can affect almost any organ of the body. Presence of ds DNA antibodies has high diagnostic specificity for SLE (90%) and is one of the criteria for disease classification by the American College of Rheumatology (ACR). EULISA ds DNA IgG can also be used to monitor the treatment effect in patients.

Product code
Break apart micro titration strips (12x8) 96 wells
Qualitative and quantitative
Plasmid ds DNA
0-250 IU/mL
Incubation time
30+30+30 min
Detection system
HRP/450 nm
CE marked. Not for sale in US

Intended use

Enzyme immunoassay for the detection of autoantibodies IgG against ds DNA.


Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is an autoimmune-mediated, chronic inflammatory disease with variable clinical presentation, ranging from localised skin lesions to a destructive systemic disorder without cutaneous changes. Antibodies to double-stranded (ds) DNA are a well-known, specific marker for SLE with a prevalence from 50-90%, depending on disease severity. Their titre often correlates with disease activity and provides a tool for therapy control. Circulating DNA/anti-DNA immune complexes are considered to play a role in the pathogenesis of SLE. ds DNA-antibodies constitute a SLE criterion according to the American College of Rheumatology (ACR).

Technical information

The EULISA ds DNA IgG is intended for the quantitative or qualitative determination of IgG antibodies in human serum, directed against ds DNA. The immobilised antigen is a highly purified preparation of plasmid ds DNA (>90% in supercoiled state), free from chromosomal DNA and protein (histones). The test is fast (incubation time 30 / 30 / 30 minutes) and flexible (break apart wells, ready-to-use reagents). Six calibrators allow quantitative measurements; a negative and a positive control check the assay performance.

Kit components and storage of reagents

Contents of the kit

  1. 1 microwell plate, coated with ds DNA and hermetically packed in a foil laminate pouch together with a desiccant bag.
  1. Sample buffer, 100 mL, ready-to-use, orange coloured.
  1. Wash buffer, 100 mL, 10 x-concentrate, blue coloured.
  1. 6 calibrators, 2.0 mL each; 0, 6.5, 16, 40, 100 and 250 IU ds DNA antibodies (IgG)/mL, ready-to-use, gradually blue coloured.
  1. Negative and positive control, 2.0 mL each, ready-to-use, green and red coloured, respectively.
  1. Anti-human IgG HRP conjugate, 14 mL, ready-to-use, red coloured.
  1. Substrate solution, 14 mL, ready-to-use, colourless.
  1. Stop solution (0.5 M H2SO4), 14 mL, colourless, ready-to-use.
  1. Directions for use
  1. Lot-specific certificate of analysis

All kit components are stored at 2 - 8°C.