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We have a long tradition and commitment to
clinical research and vast knowledge within diagnostics and patient monitoring.  With over 25 years of experience of developing accurate assay solutions for diagnosis, prognosis, monitoring treatment of autoimmune and related diseases, we have gained unrivalled knowledge within inflammatory diseases.

This acquired competence enables us to provide versatile solutions to pharma, biotech and CRO customers and act as an optimal partner in drug development projects from the early exploratory phase to, and beyond, clinical trials.

In our field of business, knowledge and experience are key differentiators.

Under this section you will find useful information related to different autoimmunity and inflammatory research areas.

Complement System

Learn more about the Complement System from our repository of collected knowledge. Gain an overview of the system and the different pathways, read about diagnosis and treatment options, read case reports and view educational material on our dedicated website.

List of Diseases

Read more about various inflammatory and related diseases, with focus on autoimmunity.


Find explanations for medical terms than can be hard to understand, mainly common words and expressions related to autoimmunity.



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