ELISA Manufacturing Capacities

We produce kits for our clients in an effective manufacturing process, using high capacity 96-well microtiter plate coating equipment. The long use of automated coating procedures have resulted in a highly experienced production personnel with a vast degree of knowledge.

The three different plate production lines give a unique flexibility and a high reliability. The two high capacity lines with a coating and washing capacity of up to 1000 plates/hour, gives us the opportunity to produce batch sizes up to 5000 plates. Combined with a third smaller line we have full flexibility of batch sizes down to the smaller range, without interrupting the production planning for the larger batch sizes.

All plate production equipment is of highest standard. All coating procedures are made with precision pumps with a filling range of 50 to 300 µL. We can offer in line printing of readable information and data matrix code on the plate frames.

In our well designed production area of 900 sqm we also have multiple high capacity filling lines and optimized reagents manufacturing facilities. All labeling and packaging services then finally takes place in the 720 sqm packaging and warehousing area, whereof 240 sqm is cold storage.


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